Speak to anybody involved in opening up government data, and it won’t be long before they praise what's happening in Finland.

Volunteer coders and designers are taking inspiration from the USA to push the cause of civic technology in Poland.

Civic technology isn't just about helping cities thrive - a Code for Europe project is aimed at parents in a rural part of Scotland.

Barcelona’s citizens will soon have a simpler and more efficient way of reporting street issues, thanks to a Code for Europe open source project.

New York's Changed By Us web app is coming to Amsterdam, thanks to a link-up between Code for Europe and the Dutch capital.

Councils and members of the public are helping develop a smartphone app that could change the way planning applications are publicised.

A Code for Europe project is developing an open source web app to help people share memories of their home town.

One of the winners of last year's EdinburghApps contest aims to help the council deliver vital equipment more efficiently.

Each year, Edinburgh's city council invites Scotland's top tech talent to compete and develop new apps to help the capital's residents.

How do you let people know where their nearest life-saving equipment is? An Irish project's using volunteer coders and an army of teenagers.